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Mélilot shirt by Deer and Doe

There are so many different shirt and blouse patterns online that I usually spend hours searching the perfect one when I already have some kind of an idea of what to sew. Deer and Doe’s Mélilot combines modern loose fit and dropped shoulders with vintage like round collar which I like very much.


According to the sewing directions I sewed the whole blouse using French seams which I have started to like more and more. At first I felt they were too much to bother but then I realized I didn’t have to change my serger threads and the idea of French seaming became more appealing.


I had only a very limited amount of fabric so pattern alignment took a lot of time. Finally some of the alignment successes were completely unintentional: I especially like how the collar almost blends into the pattern. That was not planned at all!

If I could change one thing about this blouse, I’d make the sleeves a little longer. The length doesn’t really bother me but I’m not sure whether the length looks right.

Thanks for my son for the photographs!

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