Junebug dress as a nightie.
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Junebug dress as a nightie

I bought the Junebug dress pattern by Craftiness is not optional already years ago. For some reason, I did not use it and this summer I noticed that it was soon getting too small to be used. After my Gertie blouse project, I still had plenty of fabric left so I decided to make my daughter a nightie using the Junebug pattern.

Pattern details

The pattern has sizes from 18 months to 8 years. I made the biggest size for my 8-year-old and it fits perfectly. The pattern suits for lightweight wovens such as cotton, linen or chambray. I used soft quilting cotton and it worked nicely.

The options include two different lengths: a tunic length and a dress length that I chose. For the sleeves, there are options for both short puffed sleeves and a sleeveless version.

My Junebug dress nightie.



This is a pretty easy project to make. I went a bit overboard and slip-stitched the armhole edge of the lining to the sleeve seam to completely hide the seam allowance – a detail that no-one will notice! However, I nowadays enjoy sewing by hand and find it relaxing little thing to do when I am not in a hurry.

Junebug dress as a nightie for my daughter.

Junebug dress pattern is, of course, a pattern for a dress and not a nightie. However, the colouring, the fabric choice and the vintage look makes it look more of a nightie for me. As S is pretty much grown out of her nighties, this will be a useful garment to have when the weather cools down.

S likes her new nightie and says it is fun, loose and comfortable. However, it is a bit too warm for the summer even now after the sunshine has turned into rain. But let’s hope that the sun will come back soon. In the meantime, it is a good weather to stay indoors and sew, so Happy Sewing!





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