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My new camera and DIY camera straps

As a sewing blogger, I use my camera(s) a lot. My trusted friend is Sony a6000 mirrorless digital camera that I have had for some years and that is both small and very easy to use. Last summer I, however, bought a proper DSLR camera. My new friend, that I still am getting acquainted with, is Nikon D5600. I am, however, not completely happy with my cameras before I have added a touch of my own. So, I sewed a camera strap and a wrist strap to replace the ugly one that came with the camera.

Camera strap, view 2.

I used about 1 m long cotton strap and cut a strip of patterned canvas that I sewed onto the middle of the strap to add some decoration. Then I cut little pieces of left-over leather from the slippers I made and used them to add swivel hooks that I had bought from the recycling centre. I attached small keyrings to the camera so that I could easily attach the strap.

My DIY camera strap.

As cute as the long strap is, it sometimes gets in my way. For not to drop my camera, I made a short leather wrist strap. To make it sturdy, I made it out of two layers of leather. I attached the wrist strap to a swivel hook the same way I used in the longer strap. This time, however, my sewing machine couldn’t deal with the thickness of four layers of leather. I ended up sewing the four-layer seam by hand.

DIY leather wrist strap.

The wrist strap fits perfectly around my hand and distributes the weight of the camera nicely around my hand:

Using the leather wrist strap.

I think that I still have to make one more camera strap for my old Sony. I had to get rid of the DIY wrist strap that I made for it after it became too worn and haven’t yet made another. Unfortunately, I think I stole one of the swivel hooks from that worn out strap so I have to find another one.

This week I have been sewing like crazy. Thus far, besides the camera straps, I have made 3 pairs of leggings, 2 t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a sleeveless sports top, a skirt, a hat and a kimono. Most of those clothes are for my kids who, now that the weather has cooled down slightly, have noticed that most of their warmer garments have become too small over the summer. I am hoping to get some pictures out of those clothes, but today was so rainy and dark that I decided to leave photos to another day.

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