Lago Tank top, pattern by Itch to Stitch.
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Itch to Stitch Lago tank top

Tank tops are my wardrobe staples. They are cool to wear during the summer by themselves and during the cooler months I layer them under my blouses. In my Sensible Sewing Challenge I promised to make garments using 10 very sensible and wearable patterns and this free Lago Tank PDF Sewing Pattern by Itch to Stitch was a perfect addition to my list.

Itch to Stitch Lago Ad 300 x 300The pattern details

Lago thank is a fitted tank top pdf sewing pattern. It comes in sizes 00-20 corresponding to bust measurements 79 to 117 cm (31 to 46″). I seem to have misplaced my pattern but I think I made the size 2. The side seams are shaped so that there is extra room for your bust, so you curvy girls will probably love this pattern.

The fabrics recommended are light to medium-light weight, 2-way or 4-way knit fabrics with 50% to 75% stretch and good recovery. I used stripy cotton jersey. In retrospect, the stripes are not a perfect choice for this pattern since the bust shaping makes it impossible to pattern-match properly.

Lago tank top by Itch to Stitch.


This was a quick make. I like how the neckline and the armholes are bound. The result looks very neat and not too sporty. I mainly used my serger/overlocker to construct the top and finished the hem with my coverstitch machine.

I tried to pattern-match at the side seams, which was not a good idea. I don’t know how much it was also due to the bust shaping The fabric ended up bunching at the front side of the side seams at the bust level. I finally straightened the side seams and that fixed most of the problem. As I am not particularly curvy the added bust shaping is not really something I need.

The finished Lago tank

Lago tank top by Itch to Stitch, front view.

I think that the resulting Lago tank top is a good wardrobe staple. I still am not perfectly happy with the side seams since I think I should have ripped the whole seam open instead of just taking it in to fix the bust issue. However, I think I am finally the only one that will pay any attention to this slight issue. The next time I, however, know how to deal with the side seams.

Here is the top from the back:

Lago tank, side back view.

I think this pattern is a good basic tank pattern. If you are looking something quick to make or want to use some fabric leftovers, this is a perfect pattern for it.

I know that the August is still a summer holiday month in many countries, but here in Finland, it is the first of the autumn months. The dryness of the July and the beginning of the August really shows in the forest with many fallen leaves. These pictures were taken at noon and look at the length of those shadows! Also, the sun is starting to set earlier and earlier. I have gotten so used to the midnight sun that the sun setting at half-past eight feels wrong!

Did you notice the video I added to the end of my last post about the Sheona dress? Due to some technical problems, it took me a while to get it out but it’s now on the blog and on my YouTube channel. Do you think that is useful to see videos of my makes or are the still images enough to show the garments in enough detail? Please comment below!

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  • PsychicSewerKathleen

    Love your Largo Katja! I’ve had this pattern for a while but just haven’t made it up yet. I’m a big fan of Itch to Stitch patterns generally. They fit me really well and her styling is fresh. I watched your youtube but I think your photos and blog are enough 🙂 for showing what you’ve made. The youtubers I follow regularly chat and demonstrate their technique quite a bit like Lifting Pins and Needles who is one of my favourite sewing youtubers. The Stitch Sisters, Sew Custom, And Sew On, Daffodiledger,Handmade By Ditsy-Tulip are a few more that chat and demonstrate.

  • Janet

    Love your version of this tank top – very practical, neat and sporty too. I definitely need something like this in my life on repeat, and having had dodgy results with another tank pattern this month, I might well give this one a go. Wondering if it might be possible to add a bra shelf so that it would make a good pyjama top too – what do you think?

    • kk

      Hmmm… Why not? I have never done something like that since I do not need extra support for the night, at least nowadays. I assume that you mean like sewing a little short top with an elastic at the lower edge and fastening that to the neckline and the armhole edges. Try it! If the shelf thing doesn’t work you will be still able to use the tank top, so not much fabric goes to waste.

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