• Mini Sun trousers in Ottobre Design 1/2016
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    Stretch cotton fabric from Tallinn and what became of it (part 1)

    S wanted me to buy her some white and pink stretch cotton fabric when we visited Tallinn last spring. The fabric did not at first speak to me at all and it remained in my stash until S needed some trousers. When I saw Mini Sun trousers in Ottobre Design 1/2016 I knew that I had just the fabric. I loved this pattern. I like how the trousers have stretchy waist and the pleats but still have a slim silhouette. I did not change a thing and the trousers fit S like a glove. I had so much fun pattern matching! I don’t know why but it always gives me…

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    Princess birthday

    I can’t believe my girl is already 7 years old! We went shopping last week to buy her pretty shoes for the birthday party and she found a glittery pair of shoes with little heels. Of course she wanted a dress to match the shoes and I got the task of sewing her a dress.   I’ve had this very light linen in my stash for years and it was perfect for the dress. I used the pattern from the tried and tested Olabelhe Miranda although this time I decided it was due time to go up a size. The linen was so thin that it required a pink lining…

  • Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine with leggings from Ottobre 1/2016
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    Cute playwear for my girl

    This morning S complained about a t-shirt that was too small. As I removed the old garment from her closet I decided to replace it with a new one. I found a nice tunic pattern called Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine. There wasn’t enough of the light violet jersey, so I added the white sleeves and the collar finishing. I was a bit afraid of doing the rolled hem for the ruffles with my serger, since the last time I tried was a total disaster. However,  after consulting the guide book and reading carefully my notes, I managed to sew the rolled hem perfectly. I am proud of myself! The…

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    Ghostly tee and a dress

    S has been asking me to sew a blue dress for her. She even drew me a picture and luckily Ottobre 4/2012 Black Denim -dress fit the description perfectly. I found some blue stretch denim that worked well for the pattern. I forgot the vertical front seam in the pattern but it did not matter. Besides, I made the dress slightly longer for S to wear it with tights. Under the dress, S wears Ottobre 1/2015 Toucan t-shirt. I made it using some remnant white viscose jersey with Pacman ghost pattern. The gatherings at the both sleeves and a curved hem add a nice detail to this basic top. I…

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    Winter garden blouse

    I have been sewing a lot, but the lack of sunlight has prevented me from taking good photos. Today, however, it seems that the winter has lost some of its power and the sun was shining. Still, I apologize for the slight graininess of the pictures. I made a blouse of white viscose fabric for S using a pattern from Suuri Käsityö 9/2013. I love the longer back hem and the pleats in the front. Just like in the original pattern, I used iron-on embellishments on the left side of the blouse. The blouse has a zipper in the center back. It was too dark to take pictures indoors and still…