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Princess birthday

I can’t believe my girl is already 7 years old! We went shopping last week to buy her pretty shoes for the birthday party and she found a glittery pair of shoes with little heels. Of course she wanted a dress to match the shoes and I got the task of sewing her a dress.


synttarimekko3 - 1

I’ve had this very light linen in my stash for years and it was perfect for the dress. I used the pattern from the tried and tested Olabelhe Miranda although this time I decided it was due time to go up a size.

The linen was so thin that it required a pink lining to properly show its colour. I did not have any suitable contrasting fabric, so I decided to try doing some pleats to decorate both the bodice and the hem. I also trimmed the armholes and the neckline with a nice lace, which was something I never had tried before.


The belt fabric was a piece of some old polyester chiffon that was probably meant for curtains. However, it looks nice tied up in a big bow. The buttons were old mother-of-pearl buttons from an old silk shirt that I had ripped apart a while ago to make a pyjama top. As a final piece I made a few fabric roses of both the chiffon and the linen and added a few leaves out of the lining fabric. I sewed all of them on a piece of felt and added a safety pin to the back to make up a nice brooch to decorate the dress.

synttarimekko4 - 1

All in all, I’m really proud of how this turned out, especially since, despite the lining fabric, all of the materials had been filling my fabric stash for a long time. S was also very happy!

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