Sew Over It Edie top and jeans.
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Sew Over It Edie top and self-drafted jeans

I love a boat-neck top, so the Edie tee from the new Sew Over It Work to Weekend e-book was immediately on my list of patterns to make. Combined with this fun swirly print, the top is both fun and modern and suits nicely with my black jeans. The jeans are based on my trusted trouser sloper. However, I used parts of Bootstrap fashion Vado jeans pattern to make the details. The pattern itself, that I have used before, doesn’t fit me anymore since my measurements have changed but I was able to use it to make some of the details.

The Edie top

My Sew Over It Edie top.

Like I mentioned above, the Edie top is one of the patterns in the new Work to Weekend ebook. I have already posted the Kate dress that came out very nice. The Edie top comes both as a dress and a teeshirt but I thought I had more use for a tee than a dress.

The pattern comes in sizes 8 to 20 like all Sew Over It patterns. I chose the size 10 that fitted perfectly. So, it seems that the pattern is pretty true to size. The pattern has negative ease, though, so choose a knit fabric that has a little bit of stretch.

I used this cotton jersey with 5 % of elastane. I like the print and the fabric is thick enough not to show the details of my underwear through it.

The instructions were clear but I did not follow them very carefully. I did not have the seam tape interfacing that was recommended for the neckline. As I didn’t want to go hunting for it, I decided to turn the neckline and use my coverstitch machine to finish it. Anyway, I do not really like neckline finishings that leave the raw edge unfinished. The pattern is, however, clearly designed for those that only have a sewing machine.


Sew Over It Edie top from the Work to Weekend ebook.


The next time, I will, however, try to make the neckline top stitching exactly like it is in the instructions. I just have to figure out a way to finish the raw edge at the same time.

The Edie top was a very easy and fast make and I can recommend this pattern warmly. I have plans to use it to make more tops in the future.


Edie top and jeans.


Finding perfect fitting jeans can be a nightmare. I have spent sometimes days unsuccessfully trying on every pair I could find. Now I can make my own!

I started with my narrow-trouser sloper and added the front details. The back piece had the darts, which I had to turn into a curved yoke. This was pretty easy. I just cut the top of the trouser back off and taped the sides of the dart together. I transferred the rest of the dart to the centre back seam to get rid of it completely.

My black denim had approximately the same amount of stretch as the fabric for my narrow trousers so the fit was pretty good straight away. The waistline was a thing that made me almost leave this project, though! It was very difficult to get a good fit since the whole waistband was in one piece. I tried and failed and made several toiles that I attached to the bottom part of the jeans. I even abandoned the whole project for months!

Finally, I decided to finish the pair no matter it what it took! I cut the waistband and sewed it in place using the best toile I was able to make. The top-stitching was also a nightmarish task but, finally, the waistband was done. I added the belt loops, the button and the rivets to finish my second pair of jeans.


My black jeans and the Sew Over It Edie top from the back.


I think that these jeans I made fit as well as the best RTW pair I could find, at least from the hips down. The waistband is still a bit loose and I have to wear a belt.  I think that fitting difficulties are mostly due to the stretchy fabric. I did stabilize the waistband with interfacing but the other parts of the jeans are stretchy and have negative ease. This means that if the fit of the waistband isn’t just right the stretchiness causes the jeans to slide down. Thus I still need to work with this pattern. I am hopeful that someday I will manage to create a perfect jeans pattern for me!


My jeans and the Sew Over It Edie top.


This is all for today. I thank my daughter for the nice photos! Thank you for reading and come back soon for more sewing inspiration! Happy Sewing!



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    • kk

      Hi, there! It’s not difficult. Start by taping the back dart closed and then draw a line where you want your yoke to be. The line can actually be straight. Cut the pattern along the line you just made. The top part is now your yoke. If there is a part of the dart left, you can transfer it to the centre back seam. This is actually the way you can move darts, too. It usually works if you keep the amount of fabric the same. Make a first pair out of cheap fabric and try it out! Leave large (2 cm) seam allowances so you can modify the pattern if that is needed.

  • PsychicSewerKathleen

    Beautiful Edie Katja! What amazed me however, is your self drafted jeans from your pants sloper! That’s brilliant! I think they fit really well especially considering this was your first run at it. I have no doubt you’ll achieve a pair of jeans fitting so well you’ll never again consider buying another pair. Imagine perfect fitting jeans in blue, white, red, pink….with all those topstitching colours to further fire up your imagination! I’m signed up for a workshop here in Victoria BC later this month with Alexandra Morgan (she has a youtube channel dedicated to pattern and body fitting which is excellent) to construct our own pants sloper so using yours to construct a pair of jeans really excited me 🙂

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