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Lekala 4696 dress review

I saw this bamboo viscose fabric at the opening of the Mereen Helsinki shop. I saw it immediately as a sundress with lots of volume and a round yoke. It didn’t take long to find a pattern to match the image on my mind. Lekala 4696 has the volume, the round yoke and I had just enough fabric for it.

Lekala 4696, the technical drawing.
Lekala 4696 technical drawing. Used with permission.

The pattern is customised to your measurements and the size I ordered fit me just fine. Of course, this kind of loose fitting dress doesn’t have much chance of not fitting anyway.

Lekala 4696 dress, the front view.

The instructions that came with the pattern were good. They did not have any pictures but they were clear and it was easy to figure out what to do. The only thing I made differently was that I left out the centre front seam and cut the pattern piece on fold.

Lekala 4696 from the back view.

The Mereen viscose fabric suited this dress very well. It is lightweight but not too sheer and the fabric drapes beautifully. Besides, the red dots match my red shoes!

For a very hot day, I can wear this loose like in the images above, but I think that the dress looks nicer when worn with a belt:

The dress worn with a belt.

All in all, Lekala 4696 was a project that was very easy and quick to do and I might use the pattern again. The next time though I will probably make the yoke just a little bit narrower since I think that a smaller yoke would suit my proportions little bit better.

I hope you liked this post. Thank you for reading and happy sewing!


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