My mothers Saraste dress.
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Saraste dress for my mother

My mother wished for a nice summer dress for the summer that is now turned to autumn. For some reason, I forgot to post the dress here, so I’ll do it now. Besides, this dress pattern works well all year round! After going through numerous pattern options, we finally decided to make the Saraste dress from the book Breaking the pattern by Saara and Laura Huhta. I had made the dress before and my mother liked the way it looked.

For the fabric, we decided to use a pretty similar fabric from Atelier Brunette that I had used in my dress. This fabric is viscose dobby called Posie and the colorway is Smokey.

I had a small problem with how to fit the Saraste dress as my mother lives hundreds of kilometers away. Luckily I have made her some dresses before and had one pattern that fitted almost perfectly. So, before cutting the fabric I compared all the pattern pieces with the old well-fitting pattern and made all the necessary adjustments. Besides these fitting adjustments I had to make the skirt pieces just a tiny bit narrower since I didn’t have enough fabric for the whole pieces.

I met my mother at my nephew’s birthday party and was excited to see how the dress looked. It fit just perfectly! Here is the dress from the back:

Saraste dress from the back.

It was nice to make the Saraste dress for my mother and see her liking it. I think this is a good dress to wear on many occasions. You can wear it for your regular grocery store run but you can also wear it at a party. When it gets colder, you can wear it with a cardigan and tights, too!

Saara and Laura Huhta have also got a new book out called Building the pattern. I have been leafing it through and it has some lovely patterns that I want to test at some point. Here is a link to the book on

Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!


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